KBK Almaty Holding was founded in 2018 to provide maintenance services for a wide range of equipment for oil and gas services. For the quality of these services, the company created a staff of high-class service engineers, as well as a purchase department and a warehouse for the timely delivery of spare parts and elements of oil and gas equipment.

Since 2019, the range of services provided and the range of equipment have expanded significantly, and the experience gained has allowed us to start overhaul services and updating of equipment for oilfield services. Over the past few years, we have carried out overhauls and updates of a wide range of equipment:

  • coiled tubing equipment;
  • hydraulic fracturing equipment;
  • cementing units;
  • drilling rigs for drilling wells from mines and surface drilling rigs.
Employees of KBK Almaty Holding are carrying out overhaul of a mixing unit

In 2020 KBK Almaty Holding expanded the company’s activities with oilfield services. The first units of equipment with which the company began to provide well-workover services were already purchased in 2020.

In 2021 the company began providing services for the enhanced oil recovery, in particular such technology as side-tracking.

Currently, KBK Almaty Holding is expanding the range of services, for instance, the company has begun providing hydraulic fracturing services.

The high qualification of technical specialists of KBK Almaty Holding allowed the company to start manufacturing units for hydraulic fracturing fleet. Based on the accumulated experience, KBK Almaty Holding plans to continue manufacturing equipment, including manufacturing equipment for third-party companies.